Therapy Goals

Developmental Foundations for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders

At Quickstepz, we believe kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders can become warmly connected, spontaneous and interactive. The primary goal of therapy is to help the child build healthy developmental foundations that may so far be lagging and hindering them, so that they can relate to others, communicate their wishes, thoughts and ideas and to logically and on their ‘feet’ in conversation.

Mastering these healthy developmental foundations helps the child overcome their ‘symptoms’ and return to a more typical developmental pathway, which allows them to rely on their natural ability of interacting with others and to learn from their environment as does a typically developing child.

For older children, our goal is that they are able to learn effectively in their school environment and begin to strive far above what they would ordinarily expect they are capable of.

We strive for each child to be able to develop deep and meaningful relationships with their parents, families, peers and siblings.

Treatment goals vary greatly, especially depending on the child’s reasons for referral and their specific developmental issues. However, a snap-shot of what goals may look like is:

To help the child:

• To become more alert and aware of others

• Initiate meaningful interactions with others

• Be less overwhelmed by their surroundings

• To be less sensitive to sounds, touch, movement

• Regulate and calm themselves independently

• To sustain attention to interactions with others

• Organize their actions and/or movements more effectively

• To sequence longer interactions

• Seek out positive interactions with peers and siblings

• Become more flexible

• To tolerate frustration

• Problem solve whilst maintaining the interaction

• Communicate with more complex gestures and verbalisations

• To spontaneously use their language

• To express emotions in an interactive manner

• Become less clumsy and better coordinated in their movements

• Be less anxious and/or obsessive in their behaviours

Free report: How children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder can develop social and emotional skills.

“The goal is to mobilize and support the developmental processes…that are so vital to healthy development- sharing attention, self regulating, engaging with the child, two-way communication, emotional ideas, and emotional thinking”.

“You already possess the abilities needed to help your child. The key is knowing how to harness them.” - Dr. Stanley Greenspan

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