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Established in 2007, Quickstepz Paediatric Therapy is an early intervention service that provides children with developmental delay/disability with a comprehensive intervention program that is tailored to meet their individual needs. 

DIR Model Sydney

DIR Model

Quickstepz Paediatric Therapy uses the DIR®/Floortime Model as the basis of intervention when working with children and their families. The DIR® approach is a comprehensive assessment and intervention program that combines an understanding of the child’s:

  • Developmental level
  • Differences in sensory processing and motor planning capacities
  • Most important relationships

Sensory Processing and Developmental Disorders

In the DIR/Floortime™ Approach we look at a child’s strengths and weaknesses in their development and come to understand the child’s “Individual Differences” (the “I” in DIR). These Individual Differences include the child’s sensory profile, sensory processing capacities, regulatory capacities, motor profile, and motor planning capacities. 


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