Paediatric Therapy Outcomes

Therapy goals vary greatly, especially depending on the child’s reasons for referral and their specific developmental issues. Some of the changes which parents, teachers, and families can expect improvements in, include:

To help the child:

  • Organise their actions and/or movements more effectively
  • Develop their gross motor skills
  • Improve muscle strength, core stability, trunk and head control
  • Become less clumsy and better coordinated in their movements
  • Improve their hand function
  • Become more alert and aware of others
  • Attend to others or pay attention in learning scenarios
  • Initiate meaningful interactions with others
  • To sequence longer interactions with another person
  • Be less overwhelmed by their surroundings
  • Be less sensitive to sounds, touch, movement
  • Regulate and calm themselves with less help from an adult
  • Sustain interactions with others
  • To seek out positive interactions with peers and siblings
  • Become more flexible
  • Tolerate frustration
  • Problem solve whilst maintaining the interaction
  • Communicate with more complex gestures and verbalisations
  • Spontaneously use their language
  • Express their emotions more interactively
  • Be less anxious and/or obsessive in their behaviours
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