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Quickstepz Paediatric Therapy

Established in 2007, Quickstepz Paediatric Therapy is an early intervention service that provides children with developmental delay/disability with a comprehensive intervention program that is tailored to meet their individual needs.

Quickstepz is designed with the flexibility to provide families with a treatment program that can function as the child’s primary or supplemental intervention program.

Occupational Therapy intervention may be just a short-term burst of therapy or an ongoing process to build skills and allow your child to gain the confidence they need to maximise their potential and reach their goals. Therapy is provided through a range of individual and peer consultations. Close work with the child’s parents, therapists and teachers is essential to ensure that the child’s needs are being met at home, school and in the community.

Kate Boyce B.App.Sci (Occupational Therapy)

Director Kate Boyce B.App.Sci (Occupational Therapy) Honours (Class 1), specialises in working with children with complex developmental issues and therapy is based on the Developmental, Individual-Difference, Relationship- Based (DIR) Model® developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan & Serena Wieder, Ph.D.

Kate has attended courses and training with the Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders (now known as Profectum) in the USA. She is an Advanced DIR® Therapist. Kate has training in various other methods and modalities of therapy including but not limited to Sensory Integration, Therapeutic Listening® and Basics of Bobath/NDT Infant intervention.

Kate Boyce Profile Img
sensory processing difficulties.

A referral to Quickstepz should be made if your child is having difficulties in the following areas:

  • Attention and organisational challenges
  • Social/emotional development-issues with engaging with others, poor communication and limited interaction with others
  • Hypotonia (low muscle tone) or high muscle tone
  • Regulatory difficulties in sensory, behavioural and emotional regulation
  • Sensory Processing difficulties-problems processing and interpreting sensory stimuli either with an under-reactive or over-reactive response to sensation
  • Motor delays or difficulties in sequencing, spatial awareness, balance, coordination, use of hands
  • Eating and feeding
  • Peer play skills, social difficulties
  • Delays in achieving developmental milestones such as walking
  • Difficulties dealing with daily challenges such as transitions, tricky behaviours

Quickstepz provides assessment, intervention or consultation for families of children and babies (as young as 4 months) with a range of risk factors or special needs conditions including:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Mild-severe developmental delays
  • Delayed motor development
  • Mild Cerebral Palsy
  • Infants/toddlers at risk of developmental delay or ASD
  • Prematurity
  • Down Syndrome or other chromosome disorders
Parents are seen as an integral part of therapy and are taught how to effectively interact with and support their child to climb the developmental ladder. They learn how to implement strategies to support motor development in their child at home. They learn strategies to ‘woo’ their child into the dance of social interaction and how to better maintain an interaction with their child. Parents learn how to ‘read’ their child’s cues, when and how to use sensory strategies to support their child to be more regulated and how they can modify their actions to help their child sustain the engagement. Through therapy, the children characteristically become more interactive with others, show an increase in their ability to demonstrate their intentionality and personality, show a decrease in frustration/explosiveness, become more spontaneous and meaningful in the way they communicate with others.
Autism Spectrum Disorder